Information Technology Asset Disposition (ITAD) – Environmental, Health and Safety Compliance Audit

Information Technology Asset Disposition (ITAD) – Environmental, Health and Safety Compliance Audit

Blackbird completed an environmental, health and safety compliance audit of the operations of a company that is involved in Information Technology Asset Disposition (ITAD) and end-of-life electronics recycling. The company applies state-of-the-art reuse and recycling systems that safely, securely and transparently break down old IT equipment and e-waste into its reusable components and recycled commodities. They offer services from computer data destruction to entire refurbishment, resale and recycling with the end goal of minimizing the amount of e-waste entering landfills. Items handled mainly include computers, laptops, cell phones, iPads, tablets and printers, but other items such as coffee makers, cell tower repeaters and household electronics are accepted.

The audit was conducted in Surrey, BC at the company’s 20,705 sq ft warehouse, and covered the following topics:


  • Air Quality Management (point source emissions; ozone depleting substances)
  • Hazardous and Non-Hazardous Waste Management
  • Hazardous Materials Management
  • Water Pollution Control (storm and sanitary discharges)
  • Emergency Spill Preparation and Response
  • Transportation of Dangerous Goods

Health and Safety

  • Rights & Responsibilities
  • Joint Committees and Worker Representation
  • Accident Reporting and Investigation
  • General Duties and Conditions
  • Chemical Agents & Biological Agents
  • Substance Specific Requirements
  • Noise, Vibration, Radiation & Temperature
  • Personal Protective Clothing & Equipment
  • De-energization & Lockout
  • Electrical Safety
  • First Aid
  • Tools, Machinery & Equipment
  • Ladders, Scaffolds & Temporary Work Platforms
  • Evacuation & Rescue

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