Blackbird EHS Services

Compliance audits are a method of determining an organization’s adherence with applicable or selected legal environmental, health and safety requirements. These requirements are found in municipal, provincial and federal acts and regulations such as the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, BC Workers Compensation Act and Occupational Health and Safety Regulations, BC Environmental Protection Act and Hazardous Waste Regulation and others. Compliance audits consist of intensive site visits, interviews with personnel and detailed record reviews.

Blackbird provides Lead Auditing services as well as supplying audit team members to internal audit teams as required. Our approach to compliance auditing follows the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) Z773-03 guideline and for EHS management system audits we follow ISO 19000.

Staff at Blackbird have worked with numerous clients to implement and develop their environmental management systems (EMS), and integrated environmental health, and safety management systems (EHSMS) to meet their corporate objectives. This service includes working with corporate managers to develop policies and procedures that form the framework of a management system. Development often begins with conducting an initial environmental review, and is implemented through core manual development, creation of relevant environmental performance indicators, monitoring and measurement programs, and EHS reporting.

Blackbird can work with your organization to help implement management systems. We can train employees on new procedures and processes and develop internal means of communication to engage employees to work within developed systems. We can also assist in monitoring key performance indicators and analyze data to determine trends and deviations.
Staff at Blackbird conduct workplace inspections and assessments to identify hazard and risks to workers and the public. Workplace assessments have been completed on sites including power generation facilities, underground mines, refineries, bulk plants, universities, research institutions, stevedoring operations and many other types of operations. Blackbird staff also conduct building inspections for asbestos containing materials (ACM), lead paint and PCBs and have collected hundreds of bulk samples. Staff at Blackbird have also completed over 150 Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessments in British Columbia and Alberta.

Blackbird can prepare and deliver training on various aspects of EHS auditing and internal EHS regulatory issues. We provide 1, 2 and 3 day audit training courses and instruction on emergency response and regulatory compliance. We can train internal audit teams on effective audit techniques and company policies. Some organizations have also chosen to focus on particular aspects of compliance such as halocarbon management or waste management. Our staff have delivered courses on a variety of EHS topics and can tailor a course that meets the needs of your organization.