Environmental Compliance Audit – Fibreglass Tank Manufacturing Facility

Environmental Compliance Audit – Fibreglass Tank Manufacturing Facility

Blackbird completed the environmental portion of a 4-day environmental, health and safety compliance audit of a fiberglass storage tank manufacturing facility in Alberta, Canada. The facility produced double-walled, corrosion-resistant fiberglass tanks for underground fuel and water storage applications. Tanks were manufactured using a manual high pressure spray method within a series of rotating steel female and male molds. Activities also included cutting, grinding, patching, sanding, washing, painting and testing tanks in a large factory. Tank sizes ranged from 5,000 to over 100,000 litres, and were stored on their 11 acre site until loaded onto flat-bed trucks for delivery to customers. At the time of the audit, the facility was producing approximately 915 tanks a year.

Environmental issues reviewed included air emissions from the exhaust ventilation systems, NPRI, halocarbon (refrigerant) management, hazardous and non-hazardous waste management, sanitary sewer and stormwater management, site contamination, and emergency response planning and evacuation.

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